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Consultation Premium

Here you find information of what´s included in the Premium consultation. 

I will spend 24 hours of work to help you finish your project. As always, different needs look different for different people, and you have the opportunity to influence how you want me to use the time. But some things are fixed and you can read more about them here. 

This is included in the premium package...

In this premium consultation I follow you through your project. I assist with creative solutions and structure. Gives you access to my knowledge and experiences that can help you make better decisions on various issues. I will do my best to get you to the finish line and achieve the goal that we set together. 


This service includes three occasions of 2 hours each, when we meet on site and discuss. These occasions are de meetings where we plan ahead and move from step to step. There will also be a closing meeting where we go through the project and end it in a good way. 


Between each consultation, you have the option of three st follow-up-calls of 30 minutes each. This is to reduce the risk of you getting stuck in your project. It can also be nice to be able to ask questions or make new decisions when necessary. 


I will help structure the project and create tasks to move the project forward. These "homework" must be completed before we book the next consultation. You can choose whether you want to do the tasks yourself or get help from proffesional craftsmen. I have contacts with many good craftsmen and suppliers that I can share if the need arises.


I will help you set up a schedule. There is no specific time in which the project needs to be completed, and can be completely adapted to how your life situation looks at the moment. I can recommend that you feel ready to commit time to complete the project though, as it gives you the best effect of my services.


During the project, we use e.g. email, pinterest, telephone and face-time. These days, there are such good digital tools that it can feel as if we met for real, even if it was at a distance. Good for follow-up calls and questions.


After many years in the industry, I have good contacts in terms of craftsmen and suppliers, especially in the Stockholm area. As a customer of mine, you get access to these through me.

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