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Would you like to work with me?


I'm so glad you've found your way here and are interested in my services!

I am a trained interior and garden designer. At different schools and on different occasions, but they complement each other perfectly, if you ask me.

The best thing I know is to set the concepts, colors and materials. Explore floor plans, whether outdoor or indoor. It's about flow, mass and voids that can be influenced in a million different ways. All customers are different and all locations unique. An environment should represent so much. It must fit into its surroundings, reflect the people who spend their time there and yet be designed to be practical for those using the site.

Being able to help my customers find the right atmosphere, contribute creatively to make it easier both in terms of time and around complicated decisions in projects feels meaningful to me. 

Read through the information about my various services to see which service meets your needs best. And don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions! 

Emma Jägbeck

Interior & Garden Designer

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Här kan du läsa allt om mina olika inredningstjänster! 



Här kan du läsa allt om mina tjänster inom trädgård!




Här kommer du att kunna hitta mina kurser när de kommer ut.


Köp ett presentkort till den inrednings- eller trädgårdsintresserade. 

Valfritt belopp eller tjänst.


Helena Hedlund, Värmdö

"Emma listens to what I as a customer want help with and then is with me all the way to create a whole. Gave great tips and advice on everything from furniture and plants to how to organize your closet."

Lotta & Magnus, Enskede

"Emma helped us design a fantastic patio. A patio that became like a small oasis in our otherwise rather sparse garden. Responsive, creative and professional treatment. We are more than satisfied."

Petra Åkesson, Älta

"Emma is a rock that is responsive, professional and is fantastic in terms of color and shape!"
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