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  • Does OAS Design have an office?
    Over the years, OAS Design has had offices in Södermalm and Norrmälarstrand. During the pandemic, I moved the office home and am now based in Älta, which is located in Nacka municipality just outside Stockholm.
  • How do I prepare for a consultation?
    A consultation is your time that you pay for and in order for you to get as much as possible, it is good to prepare in different ways. What applies to all consultations is to talk together beforehand (if there are two of you), think which ones 2-3 things that are the highest priority, so we don't get stuck on another issue and one of the most important challenges doesn't get done. Another thing that is good is to print out one or more plot maps (maybe 3), which you can write on directly and make symbols and lines etc. Then it is usually easier afterwards to remember what we went through during the meeting. If it is a larger consultation, you can first create a folder in pinterest or collect pictures for our meeting so that I can understand your vision more easily. You may want to devote a consultation to a specific topic such as color or lighting, then think carefully about what you want to get out of our meeting and load up with questions. If you have more questions about preparation for consultations or other meetings, send me an email here:
  • How does OAS Design incorporate sustainability into its operations?
    For me, sustainability and the environment are very important. I am constantly trying to find suppliers who either produce locally (eg my plant suppliers Eriksbo nursery, they also need to order plants from Holland etc. as their range has run out, but it drives up many of their plants here in Sweden, which is good for both the environment and the opportunity to the plant will thrive here in our climate.) or suppliers who try in various ways to have as sustainable links as possible in their production. The funny thing is that it is getting easier to create sustainable environments, more and more companies are putting a lot of emphasis on it.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly provide answers to common questions about your business, e.g. "Where do you deliver?", "What are your opening hours?" or "How do I book?". A section like this is a great way to help people navigate the website and can even improve your SEO.
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