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For 2 hours we will meet on site in your garden, we will brainstorm ideas and discussing solutions to the challenges you struggle with. I share my knowledge and experience and can help you make better choices. 

For me it is important that you make the most of your time, so read through the points below to prepare in the best way. 

Tips on how to prepare for a consultation...

Think about which issues are most important to you. Then we have the opportunity to graze them in order of priority and take the most important ones first.







Feel free to collect inspirational pictures of things you like and the feeling you want to achieve. Then it will be easier for me to understand what you want to achieve with your garden. Pinterest can be a good tool or if you prefer to collect from newspapers.

Look for or obtain a scale plot map of your site. If you can't find one at home, you can order from the municipality's website or from the land surveyor. Print approx. 5 copies, they are a good help if you need to sketch or make notes. 

Please note that I do not supply plant plans on site. I can recommend some plants, but to do a larger planting plan requires work from the office where I have access to different types of information that are important during that type of work.

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